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Multiple Sclerosis: Perioperative management; Advanced Multiple Sclerosis: Anesthetic Drugs

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Myasthenia gravis preop risk evaluation; Myasthenia: Muscle relaxant effects; Myasthenia: Postop management

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Anesthetic and Surgical Implications of Fetal Surgery: Caring for both Mom and Baby with Cristina Wood

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Oliguria: Diagnosis; Intraoperative Oliguria: Hyperventilation; Pre-renal Oliguria Diagnosis and Treatment

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Medication Errors: Etiology; Addiction Risk Factors; Substance Abuse: Treatment

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Transitions in care; burnout; eICU; women and under-represented minorities in critical care

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Tricuspid regurgitation​

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Mitral Insufficiency: Medical Management; Mitral Insufficiency: Pharmacologic Treatment; IABP: Contraindications

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Laryngospasm with Debnath Chatterjee

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Focused Cardiac Ultrasound in Obstetric Anesthesia with Jennfier Banayan

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